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I need alternatives to my current computer situation. Sure, I lucked out today inasmuch as the Human left his laptop in the habitat without closing the lid, but I can’t rely on that happening every time.

It’s probably something humans take for granted, but practically the whole of your technology is predicated on having opposable thumbs. Sure, I managed to figure out a way to type on a keyboard without them; but you just try to open the lid of a two-year-old MacBook Pro without employing thumbs. Oh – and imagine all your fingers are really stubby, and the range of motion you currently tale for granted in your arms is suddenly merely a fraction of what it is now. That would be my current conundrum.

So that’s the situation I find myself in at the moment. I need some way of consistently making posts if I’m really going to keep this blogging thing up, while negotiating the ins and outs of this new habitat.

That is a whole different story, though. I’ll tell that tale in good time. For now, au revoir.


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What else would you expect from the pet of a liberal arts student?

Yes, I said pet. That’s what the human calls me, at least. So for the sake of argument, we’ll leave it there until I have time to cook up a good explanation of how I see myself. Try to get over it.

There, I think that’s a pretty impressive first entry, considering the author. Will write more as time permits, and human moves fat rear away from computer.

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