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I meant to post this earlier, but extenuating circumstances – which I shall explain further down the line – prevented it.

Anyway, remember how I said I had the gut feeling that something was afoot the other day? Well, I was right. A whole load of humans showed up in the afternoon and spent hours socializing with my human, shared a meal, and were much taken with yours truly. As is only fitting. I don’t think that the other humans understand the pecking order around here, generally speaking. They don’t seem to get the fact that this apartment is ruled by a hierarchy of two, and that anyone else is an interloper that must show the proper respect.

As it is, they managed to royally freak me out. It’s difficult to deal with, because not only are they ignorant of the pecking order, but they are significantly bigger than me. What’s a cat to do? In the end, I figure it was easier to make lemons out of lemonade and just play with ’em. Some of them seemed to understand what was going on, it served to effectively cow others…All in all, it was what I wanted. It was more fun that I usually get to have, because my human has made it abundantly clear that rough play isn’t acceptable behavior between us two.

Speaking of my human, he’s the reason I was so bloody held up in making this post. I don’t know precisely what happened…he went to sleep fine on Sunday, but when he woke up on Monday it was all sorts of complaining and what looked like a lot of discomfort. No clue where it came from except that it must’ve been one of his friends, but he needed a lot of nursing yesterday and today. I just hope it’s not contagious and that it goes away soon. He gets whiny when he’s sick.


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I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve been cooped up in the bedroom all day while the human has been getting is clean on like I’ve never seen, ever.

I swear to Pete, something is going down and I have a funny feeling that I’m going to have mixed feelings about it. I’ll let you know more as events develop.

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