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That’s right, kids, I’m back. A lot has happened. A hell of a lot.

My human went crazy; that’s the simplest way I can find to explain it. We’ve changed habitats and everything. It’s going to make for some veeery interesting tales from here on out. Stay tuned.


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Temporary Freedom Again

…And the human left for New Year’s. Frankly, I don’t see the point of it all. “The calendar has switched over” doesn’t immediately present itself to me as a cause for celebration. But then again, I lack that penchant for ritual cyclicality that seems to permeate a lot of human cultural behavior. Can’t say I have a problem with that, either.

In other news, still more of this “snow” stuff is falling now, and it’s coming down like it might be going out of style. I’m starting to get really curious as to what this stuff is like. My bipedal roommate seems disinclined to let me out in it, but I’m pretty determined to have a snow experience of some kind. I’ll find a way. I’m resourceful.

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