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Well, he’s back – and with a veritable assload of Christmas loot. DVDs, clothes, and this weird machine that he plugs in and turns on which vibrates. He wears it on his shoulders like its some kind of article of clothing…it creeps me out.

Anyway, the vacation appears to be over for me, although I did have some fun while I had the place to myself. Got into the kitchen (which I never get to do – he has problems for some reason letting up on the counter) and knocked some stuff over. High old time.

In other news, I was surfing the web while he was gone, and found some disturbing videos that I’m inclined to share with you. I look at these less as examples of how humans demean us as a race, but more as examples of how willing some of “the brethren” are to make asses of themselves for human amusement.

This one is just ridiculous, for the simple reason that no self-respecting cat is going to get that far and go all stiff. That was a trick, pure and simple. If I started a leap and realized that I was going to fail to clear the obstacle, I would actually use my hind legs. They have claws for a goddamn reason. That animal was just looking for attention, and it’s depressing.

Now I’ll be the first to admit, some of this behavior is not the product of feline attention-whoring. Some of it is just normal cat interaction; other of it is normal cat-human interaction. But some of that stuff was just out-and-out retarded. I think we’d get a bit more respect if we didn’t in fact do that sort of thing so much. I somehow doubt that we became deities in Egypt because of our cute antics. Now those people, they knew how to treat a cat with respect.


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