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So it looks like next week, the human resumes his schedule of leaving me alone for protracted periods.

It’s going to be different than the past four months or so…I still don’t get what he’s doing or why (haven’t bothered to ask) but whereas it’s been a more-or-less even spread across the weekdays, now it looks like there’s going to be a near-total emphasis on Mondays and Wednesdays.

At least, that’s what his iCal schedule suggests. (Remember, cats love Macs.)


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Cats Love Macs

Octavian Clone Loves Macs

What more can I say?

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Well, the human is gone to his family’s for Christmas festivities.  He took his laptop with him, but there’s another computer in the apartment that I am making use of.  The Mac Mini normally functions as a headless hub for media and such, but plugging in the secondary monitor and the wireless receiver of an old keyboard/mouse setup that I found in a drawer has turned it into my own personal web portal.  Which I will be exploiting, believe-you-me.  Just have to make sure that I get it all back to the way it was before he comes back…whenever that is.

Not that I’m worried or anything.  Before he left, the biped was kind enough to clean out the litter box, see that I had enough food and water, and generally “secure” the place for my autonomous occupancy.  I just don’t know when precisely his return is.  I know it will be at least until tomorrow evening, but it may stretch out into the next day, and I don’t want to have to keep plugging and unplugging peripherals every time I want to make a goddamn post or surf the web.  You think typing without thumbs is challenging (and it is) then you should try to plug in USB and DVI ports with paws.  Go on, try it.  I dare you.

Anyway, now for some sleep, followed by eating, more sleeping, and potentially some relieving of myself.  Have fun y’all.

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