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I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve been cooped up in the bedroom all day while the human has been getting is clean on like I’ve never seen, ever.

I swear to Pete, something is going down and I have a funny feeling that I’m going to have mixed feelings about it. I’ll let you know more as events develop.


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He did it. The bugger actually cleaned the whole bloody kitchen.

Well, I should qualify that a bit. He certainly cleaned the kitchen, but he hasn’t turned his attentions to the countertops at all, and damn there is a lot of crap on those. My suspicion is he knows I want to get up there and climb behind the microwave – who the hell doesn’t want to crawl behind the microwave sometimes – and so he’s making it as difficult as possible for me, because for some reason he has a problem with me in the food prep area.

I swear that was his plan way back in the summer, when he totally didn’t warn me that the oven door was hot. Sure, he was pulling a pizza out at the time, but he could have called out something…I was only like a month old at that point. How was I supposed to know that streaming currents of hot air coming out of a weird box in the kitchen denoted burning and doom? I’m still not over that…and I’m still not convinced when he tells me the oven doesn’t have it out for me. He said the same thing about the refrigerator, but every time he goes to get something out of there and I slip in after him to look around, it tries to shut the door and eat me.

No…I don’t trust the oven.

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Well tie me down and shave me pink…the human actually washed dishes last night…and today. And has started, generally speaking, to clean this habitat of ours. I’m honestly relieved. I thought I was going to have to start doing it myself soon. And there are things in this apartment I really wasn’t looking forward to giving a tongue bath to.

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